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Post Construction

Building or renovating a home/office takes time, planning, and patience. After all of the work is complete, the project may look new, but most likely it is filled with dust and debris. We help contractors and builders turn over their final product to clients with beautiful attention to detail. After a big project, let us help you with the final details.
Most cleanings can be completed within one to two days or it can be done in phases as the construction progresses.
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Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

  • Detailed dusting of high and low areas

  • Wet wipe light fixtures & ceiling fans

  • Remove screws, nails, boxes & debris

  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces

  • Dust walls, doors, baseboards & shelving

  • Remove stickers & overspray from windows

  • Clean & disinfect switch plates

  • Remove paint/grout haze on floors

  • Scrap, sweep and vacuum all floors and sills

  • Clean interior/exterior of all appliances

  • Remove all tape, stickers & packaging covering

  • Clean inside/outside cabinets & drawers

  • Clean and disinfect shower, tub and walls

  • Disinfect toilet inside and out

  • Vacuum ceiling/exhaust vents

  • Clean shower door glass and tracks

  • Remove paint/grout haze on floors & shower stall

  • Damp mop hard floors

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